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Here you can ask about your horoscope from our Astrology experts.Just post your question with date of birth,time of birth and city of birth in blocks below.Our worldwide famous male and female Astrology experts love to answer asked questions for free of cost and welcome new and returning questioners.They provide horoscope in English and horoscope compatibility by humane astrologers instead of machines or computer software…. Ask a Question

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Astrology is a universal reality. It is oldest science into sciences, Astrology was existing when there was no civilization in the world. First documentation about Astrology is found of 2900 BCE. Astrologers are top most educated people in the society since the foundation of this knowledge. Common world is far from it and knowledge was limited till sun signs or daily horoscope. We were having a dream to make a community of Astrologers from over the globe to deliver blessings of this knowledge to common man without any cost, We are thankful to creator today this dream is fulfilled in form of My Astrology Stars. Read more [adrotate banner="1"]
Mythology of Astrology

Mythology of Astrology

Mythology of Astrology Many of the signs got their names from various Greek and Roman legends, but some predate even those cultures. Explore the mythology of your sign. ARIES March 21 – April 19 Athamas, a king in the land of Croneus, had a son, Phrixus, and a daughter, Helle, by his first wife, Nephele. Eventually he grew tired of his first wife, as kings often did and still do. He sent Nephele away and married Ino, the daughter of Cadmus, King of Thebes. Ino also bore two children to the king, and over time she grew hideously jealous of Nephele's children. She wanted the kingdom for her own sons and decided to use treachery and deceit to get it.Read More
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